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Jenny believes in direct, honest and open communication, helping people realise their full potential, and that all people prefer to do well when given the choice. As a successful businesswoman in her own right, she has proven honesty and ethics in business are possible, and when combined with integrity become a winning combination.
Welcome to Jenny G.'s Internet Search
Mention of the service providers who have provided me with service, assistance, technical support, addresses, goals and standards to reach for.
Acepia; Croydon, Algonet; Stockholm, SWEDEN, Crafti; Croydon, The Cyber-Cafe, Globally, Internet North; Cairns , My Virtual Irish Home, IRELAND, Netspace; Melbourne, Virtual Access Cafe; Ringwood.
Special mention to Aussies Jerry Wolf and his mates at Australia On Line. Say G'day!!
My mentor - Col.Kurtz who not only is e-mail, but also wrote the "Zen Art of Smirking".
Greetings to all other Graingers everywhere !
Thanks to all my friends, too numerous to mention until I make another page.

You know who you are, because I hug you. Thanks, TPO, think I'll use your disclaimer here, too.

Special thanks to Aislinn, Aj, Alan, Amelia, Andre, Andrew, Anne, Barbara G., Barbara, Bobby, Boogie, Bruce, Cassandra, Charlene, Cherise, Chris, Crystal, Dad123, Darren, New Yankee Dave, Dave, David, Diane, Diarmaid, Ellen, Erik, Glenn, Gordon, Graham, Henry, Ian, Ian W., Iann, Icarus, Irish Patrick, James, Jan, Jo, Joanna, John, John G, JohnnySean, Jonathan, JohnVP, Juliette, Justin, Kate, Lars, Laura, Leanne, Liam, Lili, Lynne, Magnus, Malcolm, Manny, Marc, Matt.., Mel Gibson, Mercator, Mighty, Mike, Morgaine, Mr. Murphy, Mr.Right!!, Neil, NightCrawler, Pam, Patrick in Perth, Paul, Peter R., Peter, Purple, Rick, Rob, Robert, Robin, Ron, Sam, Scarlett, Scotty, SeaSwan, Seumas, Shum, Sk8tr, Tad, Teri, Tom, TomD, Tommy, Topgun, TPO, Treeman, Trevor, Tyrone, W8tress, Wolfe Tone, and of course, all those Stupid Boys.
I have met, and loved the bolder of you.

Thanks ! You are visitor since I installed a counter on ANZAC day, April 25th, 1996, at 9pm. Please mail me if you wish - it saves having a guestbook ! With constant networking, interesting new links and Aussie sites are being added - please call back - there may be someone you know.

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