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Cat's Miaow Special Guests

You know you're never going to find out who played what on a Cats's Miaow song. The only guarantee is that it was either Kerrie or Bart singing (Andrew only sang once on record), and that Cam was drumming like only he can. But that won't stop us from telling you a bit about our special guests.

Peter Jordan-Trumpet.
Peter used to live with Cam. When Bart and Cam played in Girl of the World, Peter played on a couple of their records. He played the trumpet break at the end of "It might never happen". Originally on the "From my window" cassette and later compiled on the "A kiss and a cuddle" CD.

Josh Meadows-Guitar.
OK we all play guitar but on "Stay" we needed some of Josh's trademark wah wah guitar. You may know Josh better as a key member of the Sugargliders and later the Steinbecks. Two great Melbourne pop bands who have had loads of releases on such labels as Summershine, Sarah and Drive-in. Josh also made an appearance on the Bart and Friends CD, and more recently played on Tim Best's (another former member of Girl of the World) latest CD.

AD -Trumpet.
AD also made his first guest appearance on "Stay", playing the trumpet break at the end. He played all the trumpet parts on the "J'en ai marre" 7" single as well. AD has his own band The Jordan's, who have released a CD and numerous compilation tracks, and played with Melbourne pop bands Captain Cocoa, the Sugargliders and the Steinbecks. He also appeared on the Bart and Friends CD.

Rob Cooper-Keyboards.
Solo artist Rob Cooper has played in more great pop bands than he'd care to remember (Earthmen, Steinbecks, Pencil Tin, and Sugargliders). On his solo recordings he plays everything, but the keyboard is his instrument of choice. Rob made his guest appearance on the "J'en ai marre" 7"single. He also appeared on the Bart and Friends CD and holds the distinction of being the only Hydroplane special guest. Rob played the Farfisa organ on the opening track of the "Hope against hope" album. Rob has releases available on Library records.

David Nichols-Drums
OK we lied when we said Cam played all the drums. David Nichols drummed on one song. Sounding almost like a Blairmailer out-take, "Do you think it will snow tonight" first appeared on the "Dreamboat" v/a compilation (Cassiel) and was later compiled on the "Songs for girls to sing" CD. David has also played with Crabstick, Blairmailer and the Cannanes. He currently plays with Driving Past and Huon.

Laura MacFarlane-Vibraphone.
Multi-instrumentalist Laura MacFarlane is probably best known for her own band Ninety-nine. Playing songs with great pop hooks and slightly abrasive guitars, Ninety-nine have released two CDs on their own Patsy records label. Laura played the tripped out and barely recognizable vibraphone on the version of "Third floor fire escape view", on the "The long goodbye" CD/10". It has a somewhat eerie "Joe Meek and the Bluemen" feel about it too. Laura also appeared on the Bart and Friends CD.

Michael Nichols- Vocals.
Sometime solo artist, and man about town, Michael's guest appearance is probably the most obscure. He co-wrote and sang lead vocals on "Leather beards". The song only ever appeared on the "How did things get so fucked up" cassette tape. The trainspotters will know that Michael has been a key member of Crabstick, Blairmailer and the Hanshalf Trio. He also has two solo 7" Eps on the 555 imprint and currently plays with Melbourne band Panel of Judges and less frequently, Ruff Buff. Michael also appeared on the Bart and Friends CD.

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