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Nothings ever quite that simple

This song was covered by Melbourne band Upstairs on their "Self-same" CD (Arcane) arc-3 1997. This was an excellent debut release, twelve songs ranging from up-tempo pop to more atmospheric minimalism. Upstairs seem to be in hiatus at the moment but look out for a 7" single by Tugboat on Library Records. Tugboat has at least two members from Upstairs in it.
The original version of "Nothings ever quite that simple" first appeared on the "From my window" cassette and was later compiled with other early material on the "A kiss and a cuddle" CD.


This song was covered by USA band the Autocollants on their 1998 "Gas money" cassette EP. It was sold at shows while on tour. The band had numerous releases on Drive-in Records, Tinseltones and Shelflife before breaking up in 1998.
The original version of "Aurora" first appeared on the "Weapons of happiness" cassette compilation which came with "The World of Suzie Wong" fanzine 1993. It also appeared on a couple of other releases before finally being compiled on the "A kiss and a cuddle" CD.
In March 1993 the Cat's Miaow, using an assumed name, sent a cassette copy of "Aurora" to Summershine Records as a potential single. The song "Ferry no. 6" was included as a possible b-side. Summershine declined, saying they were too busy at the time to release a record by an unknown band called Hydroplane.

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